List of the routs or trips with a detailed description. The described routes are suggestions for you to actively spend your leisure time by yourself, in pair or with your family and you can also get to know the municipality with a bike, running or simply walking.

All the routes are extremely beautiful (authentic natural scenery) and very interesting. There are no marks on the way. The use of routes is at one’s own risk. Some are longer and harder, others shorter and easier. Every individual has to choose a route based on their own abilities and knowledge.

1. "K medvedom do brezna"

2. "K Rimljanom na Hrušico"

3. "Na sever"

4. "Logaški Napoleonov drevored"

5. "Po zgodovini Gornjega Logatca"

6. "V boj s požiralniki na Planinsko polje"

7. "Viteška pot"

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1. “K medvedom do brezna” – with a bike, running or on foot to see the depths of the Gradišnica cave.

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2. "K Rimljanom na Hrušico" – most appropriate with a bike. Past the roman fort and the viewpoint up to the top. You can refresh yourself at the “Stara pošta” restaurant and then go back down into the valley with a smile on your face.

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3. "Na sever" – with a mountain bike to see the north beauties of the Logatec municipality.

logatec izlet aktivni turist na sever

4. "Logaški Napoleonov drevored" – go sightseeing through Logatec with a bike, running or on foot.

logatec izlet aktivni turist napoleonov drevored

5. "Po zgodovini Gornjega Logatca" – with a bike, running or on foot. You can go sightseeing, see the deer in the evening and the city “island”.

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6. "V boj s požiralniki na Planinsko polje" – with a bike or on a longer hike.

logatec izlet aktivni turist v boj s poziralniki planinsko polje

7. "Viteška pot" – a themed route for families with small children. There are skill tests on the path leading to the “Grajski Park Vitez”. The project is in the making and the route will open in June 2017.

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