Castle area with hundred-year-old trees, a medieval castle where you can relax, get pampered, enjoy, do different activities and enjoy delicious treats.

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You can find the presentation of the entire sports-cultural-tourist centre “Grajski park Vitez” with pictures on the following link CASTLE PARK.

You want to know how the castle café looks like. Follow the link CAFÉ.

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You will definitely be tempted by our wide and quality selection. You can find what we have to offer, our treats and how we can pamper you on the following link CASTLE TREATS.

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You must have already heard about the interesting, diverse and quality programme at “Grajski Park Vitez”. Do you want to know when the next event will take place? Check the following link CASTLE EVENTS.

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Would you like to play BEACH VOLLEYBALL at one of the most idyllic locations in Slovenia? There are 2 courts available for playing in a beautiful natural environment in the shadows of the hundred-year-old trees with a view on the medieval castle.

Odbojka na mivki

You heard about the best birthday parties in Logatec? You can find them here at “Grajski Park Vitez”. The “Dlan na dlan” team takes care of the entire BIRTHDAY organisation. Some of the theme parties you can choose from are Racing mix, Water mix, Bouncy castle mix, Forest mix, Sports mix, Hidden treasure, Sandy mix, Tournament mix. Your children can actively and safely have fun while you enjoy in peace while eating delicious treats on the castle terrace.