There is also a café “Grajski park Vitez” in the pleasant ambient of the castle park. The following photos tell more than a thousand words and the fairy-tale about a princess and a knight becomes even more beautiful.

The castle terrace, some say one of the most beautiful ones in Slovenia.

kavarna gp vitez logatec7

The castle large room where you can completely indulge in daydreaming under the swings next to the warm fireplace with books and delicious treats.

kavarna gp vitez logatec2

kavarna gp vitez logatec6

Red and white wine from the »Štoka« castle merchant in a soft embrace of the armchairs and a fireplace – a corner for relaxation. 

grajski park vitez logatec izlet101

Heating tables or to make it sound more magically “knightly heating shields” for colder days on the castle terrace.

grajski park vitez logatec izlet102

Children’s playroom on the first floor of the café. Children can play and parents can watch peacefully with a smile on their face.

igralnica za otroke101

If you get very thirsty, you can quickly quench your thirst at the castle bar counter.

kavarna sladice grajski park vitez logatec

At “Grajski Park Vitez” we also appreciate special knightly skills. One is especially important. You can practice it in the small castle room in the café throughout the whole year. The skill of hitting the holes with the white ball or as we call it today – the castle pool.

kavarna grajski park vitez logatec10